J.L. Rolfe: Patents and Publications:


U.S.:(8 Pending)

4,483,759 Actinic radiation cured polyurethane acrylic copolymer.

4,614,787 Drug dispensing wound dressing

4,638,043 Drug release system

4,727,868 Anisotropic wound dressing

4,751,133 Medical patches and processes for producing same

4,880,690 Perfume patch

5,062,936 Method and apparatus for manufacturing ultrafine particles.

5,194,128 Method for manufacturing ultrafine particles

5,209,786 Integrity-enhanced thermoelectrics

6,050,990__ Methods and Devices for Inhibiting Hair Growth and Related Skin Treatments.

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6,599,322 __ Method for Producing Undercut Micro Recesses in a Surface, A Surgical Implant Made Thereby, and Method for Fixing an Implant to Bone"

7,018,418 "Textured surface having undercut micro recesses in a surface "

7,025,869 "Nitric oxide delivery system "

7,040,313 "Method and apparatus for nitric oxide generation "

7,052,671 "Storage, generation, and use of hydrogen "

7,083,657 "System for hydrogen generation"

7,208,222 Assembled non-random foams

Re 32,911








Publications: Partial listing:

Szycher, Rolfe, Battistone, and Vincent: "Advanced UV-Curable Polyurethanes for wound dressings,"Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering Proceedings.

Szycher, Dempsey, and Rolfe: "Detection of 4,4-methylene dianiline in TDI-Based Urethanes" Journal, New England Institute for Life Sciences.

Szycher, Rolfe, Battistone, and Vincent: "Stabilization of Trauma in Maxillofacial Injuries by Photocured Urethane Wound Dressings," Journal of Dental Materials, Walter Reed AMC.

Szycher, Rolfe, and Dempsey: "Photopolymeric Transdermal Drug Release Systems," Journal of Biomaterials.

Beaty, Rolfe, and Vandersande: "Effect of Small Scattering Centers on the Thermoelectric Properties of p-Type SiGe Alloys," Proceedings of the 8th Symposium on Space Nuclear Power: Pub: American Institute of Physics.

Rolfe: "Petroglyph Dating by Thorium Depletion from Weathering,"Louisiana Mounds Society Journal.

Rolfe: "Artifacts and Analytical Technology": Textbook chapter: Avery Press, 1990.

Beaty, Rolfe, Vandersande, and Fleurial: "Reduced Thermal Conductivity due to Scattering Centers in p-Type SiGe Alloys," Proceedings of the 25th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference.

Beaty, Rolfe, and Vandersande: "Thermoelectric Properties of Hot-Pressed Ultrafine-Particulate SiGe Powder with Inert Additions," Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings.

Beaty, Rolfe, and Vandersande: "Properties of 100 Angstrom p-Type Silicon-Germanium Atomclusters and Thermoelectric Materials," Journal of the Proceedings of the Intersociety Energy Conversion Conference.

Scoville, Rolfe, Bajgar, Vandersande, and Fleurial: "Nanophase Metals and Semiconductors," Twelfth Symposium on Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion.

Scoville, Rolfe, Bajgar, Vandersande, and Fleurial: " Thermal Conductivity Reductions in SiGe by the Addition of Nanophase Particles," Mat Res Soc Symp. Proc.,351,413 1994

Beaty, Rolfe, Vandersande, and Fleurial: "Phonon-Scattering Centers Increase Thermoelectric Efficiency," NASA Tech Briefs, August 1994.

Hydrogen Transmission/Storage with Metal Hydride-Organic Slurry and Advanced Chemical Hydride/Hydrogen for PEMFC Vehicles: from the Proceedings of the Year 2000 U.S. DOE Hydrogen Program Review

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