How to build your own faceting machine!

Many Have!


About the XS3 Machines

The "Revision H" shown on the homebuilder's Page evolved into the XS3, almost as a joke.."Built to Excess". I was going to finally build myself an "Ultimate Machine", the last one! (Ha!)

Craig Moore's "Revision H" variant.

Here is David de Lisle's elegant machine.

Here is Chuck's machine, the first completed from these pages!

Look at THIS!!

Noel's machine, a well-executed 2-axis digital tour de force!

I have a technology gap now!!!

Tips, tricks, Hardware, and links.

What's New in the shop.

BATT ™ Cast Alloy Polishing Laps..


Bargain Diamond Powder.

Charging and breaking in a new metal lap.

Frida Lindholm's faceting page.

Asia Gems: References, Links, , gold, and jewelry facts, diamonds and colored stones.

Bob's Rock Shop, Cut Rocks pages: Comprehensive. Faceting designs, examples specimens, links

Ganoksin Online:

A substantial library of articles, publications, reports, and technical data on gem and jewelry related topics.

The Facet Shoppe- Nice folks who do gemcutting, rough and cut stones, the Faceters' Digest archives, and links.

JPORTAL.RU, who visits the site once in a while..


Jean is a GG, SMG,ASG Pinnacle Award Winner

Mark Liccini - Sadly missed by the gemcutting community.

The Rockpeddler: Faceting rough and machine and supply dealers.

Let's Talk.

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