The "Dominatrix™", a hybrid BATT™ Prepolish/DIAMATRIX™ Polish Lap does have some unique conditions. The unique conditions are: 1: BATT/3K (Or 8K) prepolish has been accepted to the point of being a defacto standard for prepolish. As of this date, 8,178 BATT™ are in use for varying applications, including polishing, prepolishing, and cutting. So it is a safe guess that a thousand of them are being used for prepolishing. It works. Everyone knows it works. There is no guessing here.

2: The MATRIX™, and its extra-hardened followup version DIAMATRIX, have had the fastest acceptance of anything I have made. Despite it being a little annoying that it was not my idea , it has been exciting to see so many positive reponses so quickly. I feel safe in proceeding. The MATRIX™ works, so far, indisputably. Oh, certainly sooner or later someone will have trouble with one, this field being what it is, with so many individuals being comfortable with so many materials and methods.

Later addition: Because of the reception the DIAMATRIX has received, all DOMINATRIX™ laps are now made with the harder DIAMATRIX™ center. This provides sharper meets, especially on the harder materials.

3: I dropped the BATTWINGS because of metal price instability. When I introduced the Xinquings, everyone of course fled to them, because they were affordable. But the drawback in both the BATTWING and the Xinquing is that the user had to choose between two materials, Darkside or Greenway. And there was also the polarity difference between the diamond prepolish on the zinc band and the aqueous media on the polishing center. It troubled people, though there were no adverse affects, because water droplets bounced off the oil medium-coated outer ring.

The "Dominatrix" (I have not gotten any hate mail about the name yet) eliminates these difficult decisions. One can still use oxides on the MATRIX Center, but so far the most popular use has been with 60K Diastik, and more recntly, the 100K BLAKSTIK.

The 8" Dominatrix™ is $168.00.

and is also also supplied in the 6" size for $115.00.

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