The MATRIX™ Polishing Lap

Available: JANUARY 2013.

"A ceramic lap with good manners."

Ceramic laps have been known for sharp facets and good polishing properties...If someone can get one to work. Rather unforgiving, and relying on critical thin film effects, when operated by the right person under the right conditions, most agree they produce perfect finishes.

The rest of us would like these results with a more forgiving version of the lap, that being a wider band of operating parameters.

The "MATRIX™" Ceramic Composite lap has a self-renewing microtexture and surface complexity that allows better polish retention and a less critical fluid film thickness. The MATRIX™ surface was characterized by computer programs similar to those used in the design of all-weather tires.(FD is 1.8927).

The 8" MATRIX™ is made on a full-thickness master lap baseplate to emulate the heavy rigid feel of a ceramic lap.

The MATRIX™concept was suggested by Adamas Instrument, as was the suggestion of the thicker base.

The 8" MATRIX™ price is $135.00.

Does it WORK?

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