The DIAMATRIX™ Polishing Lap

Available: FEBRUARY 2014

Diamond optimized hardened version of the popular MATRIX™

The "MATRIX™" Ceramic Composite lap has a self-renewing microtexture and surface complexity that allows better polish retention and a less critical fluid film thickness. The MATRIX™ surface was characterized by computer programs similar to those used in the design of all-weather tires.(FD is 1.8927). This allows high deep charging rates, and use with both diamond and oxides.

The 8" DiaMatrix™ is a toughened, hardened version with a lower complexity that forces a high concentration monolayer on the surface of the lap, providing significantly sharper meets and flatter facets.

It is optimized for diamond use, and in particular, for use with the BLAKSTIK™ water-dispersable polycrystalline diamond series of products.

The MATRIX™ and Diamatrix™ concepts were suggested by Adamas Instrument, as was the suggestion of the thicker base.

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